International Physical Artist, Simon Peter becomes masked Pig character, Bernard Acon (B. Acon). In Asian tradition the pig is a super hero using a rake as its super power. Alex uses his rake to interactively trawl through the audience with a satirical twist resisting becoming a Rake of a pig embracing all. Deep down he wants to find someone special and brave enough to love him… snorts and all.

“Experience this unique one-of-a-kind fusion of Asian and Western Physical Theatre traditions.”

B. Acon convinces someone to take a compatibility test …a pig and a human are surprising the same on the inside especially the heart. After this discovery he tries to impress with his physical artistry taking ordinary objects to an illusionary level.

“Simon Peter's performance is beautiful to look at and his technique is awesome” -Desmond Jones, Mime & Physical Theatre-

B. Acon removes the mask and embarks the audience on a journey of laughter, love, tragedy, revenge and sacrifice that proves again Love is stronger than valour. A Japanese love story to die for…

“Unbelievable, how he created the illusion of flying. Amazing how the story unfolded.” –Lee Wan Ho, 430 Shuttle, Hong Kong Television -

Recently returned from South Africa and after, a UK tour Simon Peter will be performing in Spain, France, Hong Kong and Thailand in 2014 / 2015.

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